“Un-American Traitor” – Liberals In Meltdown Because Jim Jordan Didn’t Wear a Jacket to Impeachment Inquiry

Amid an ongoing impeachment inquiry before the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, liberal public figures across social media criticized Rep. Jim Jordan for not wearing a suit jacket to the proceedings.

Not only that they criticized Rep. Jordan’s forceful assertion that the Democratic-led effort to impeach President Trump is a partisan “sham,” they also slammed his choice of attire.

Several of them accused Rep. Jordan on Tuesday of harboring “disrespect” for the proceedings and being “unprofessional.”

Liberal writer Andy Ostroy contrasted Jim Jordan’s appearance with that of Lt. Col. Vindman, referring to the Republican congressman as an “unAmerican traitor.”

“What a striking distinction. The patriot on the right is wearing a medal-draped active-duty military jacket. The unAmerican traitor on the left can’t even show enough respect to put on a f’ing jacket. A picture says a thousand words…”

“I just want Lt. Col. Vindman to tell Jim Jordan: “Congressman, put on a f—ing suit jacket,”” tweeted transgender activist and Human Rights Campaign press secretary Charlotte Clymer.

Others suggested that Jim Jordan’s motivations for not wearing a jacket were an attempt to signal blue-collar bonafides.

Political commentator Michelangelo Signorile compared Rep. Jim Jordan to a “bad frat boy who can’t put a jacket on and has to be reprimanded all the time.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post went as far as to publish a fashion editorial exhorting Jordan to “put on a jacket.”

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