“Washington Drama Doesn’t Matter Anymore” – McConnell Has Had Enough, Vows To Pass Stimulus Package Today

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that “Washington drama does not matter anymore” and vowed to pass the Coronavirus package.

“That Washington drama does not matter any more. The Senate is going to stand together, act together, and pass this historic relief package today,” McConnell said.

The White House and Senate leaders reached a deal in the middle of the night for a massive stimulus package to bolster the economy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Reports say that the package will contain aid for both workers and businesses. Hospitals will also receive significant funding.

The text is supposed to come out Wednesday according to two GOP Senate aides who spoke to the Daily Caller.

However, Nancy Pelosi has no urgency whatsoever because it appears that she doesn’t care about the American people suffering.

The House was in session for 2 minutes Wednesday morning because Pelosi wouldn’t commit to a vote until Thursday (maybe).

If the Senate and White House can work through the night to reach a deal, Nancy should also have some urgency and hold a vote on the stimulus bill as soon as possible.

The House adjourned until Thursday with no plans to meet again at all today.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that he will give Representatives 24 hours’ notice before the House acts.

“Before we can determine when and how the House will consider this legislation, we must have the final legislative text and clear direction on when the Senate will vote. I remain committed to giving House Members 24 hours’ notice before the House acts.”

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