We Must Dedicate Ourselves To “Freedom’s Victory Over The Socialist Monster” – Gen. Flynn Releases Important Message, Signals He’s Ready To Get Back In The Fight

On Friday, retired General Michael Flynn released an important message for our challenging times. General Flynn has not spoken out on the issues since he was silenced by the deep state in 2017.

General Flynn sent the letter to Scott Kesterson who later published the message on Twitter at BardsFM.

“If the U.S. wants to survive the onslaught of socialism, if we are to continue to enjoy self-government, to secure the God-given individual blessing of liberty for ourselves, for our family, then good Americans must accept that each has a moral obligation to participate in the political life of our country,” the letter began.

“The art and exercise of self governance requires active participation,” said Gen. Flynn in his letter.

“Voting matters but it is only a part-time engagement of the American citizenry and doesn’t go far enough if we are to survive as a constitutional republic…”

“Without a greater commitment, we will continue our slide into the abyss of socialism.”

“We must not be intimidated by the smear campaigns that will most certamny come with greater and more active participation.”

“We will only keep America if we dedicate ourselves to freedom’s victory over the socialist monster by our good citizens accepting greater responsibility,” the letter concluded.

General Flynn is still waiting for the court to officially drop his case.

However, Rogue DC Judge Emmet Sullivan wants to drag the case out.

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