“Weakness Invites Wolves” – John Kennedy Claims Western Leaders Have Been “Weenies” With China For Many Years

While legislation to hit China with sanctions for its mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak is potentially in development, on Tuesday Sen. John Kennedy explained the threat that the U.S. is facing from the Asian country.

“I haven’t read the bill but I’ll probably sign on,” Kennedy told “America’s Newsroom.”

Kennedy also said that it’s important to distinguish between the people of China and the Chinese Communist Party, which is “populated by thugs.” Kennedy said that, secondly, the Chinese Communist Party cannot be trusted “ever.”

“I wouldn’t turn my back on them if they were two days dead,” Kennedy said.

“China’s strength and China’s bullying has, frankly, been caused by the weeniest of the world and the world’s leaders. For 20 years, the experts and many world leaders said to be patient with China, [that] free enterprise will change them. Well, they changed the free enterprise.”

Fox News reported that Kennedy said that the Chinese Communist Party “understands that weakness invites the wolves.”

“We’ve got to push back and we’ve got to join the rest of the world in doing so, including but not limited to sanctions. We may have to revoke the special trade status with Hong Kong.”

“The people of Hong Kong have got to face a tough decision here: they can get out or they can fight until the very end. But, China is taking them over,” Kennedy said.

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