WH Chief of Staff Tears Into Democrats: ‘Mexico Has Done More’ Than The Dems To Stop Illegal Immigration Crisis

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney slammed Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for their inaction on the southern border crisis, claiming that Mexico has “done more” than them to prevent illegal immigration into our country.

Mulvaney appeared in an interview with “Fox News Sunday” host Bill Hemmer and explained that Mexico has stepped up to help restrain the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America into America by throwing up roadblocks on their passage through the country.

Mulvaney explained that from the steps taken in the past week one can easily suggest that there was more effort from Mexico than the Democrats to prevent the immigrant flow at the southern border.

“In the last week, Mexico really has stepped it up for the very first time. They’re preventing people from coming in on their own southern border down towards Guatemala and Honduras and they’re also accepting more of the folks that cross into the United States back into Mexico.”

“In fact — and I know it’s hard to imagine — but again, Nancy Pelosi runs the Democrats in Congress. Mexico has done more in the last week to help our illegal immigration crisis than Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the House.” said Mulvaney.

Mulvaney also explained that illegal immigration has been the President’s “number one” issue since entering the White House, despite resistance from the Dems after they gained control of the House at the start of the year.

As Mulvaney stated, President Trump cares about other issues, but the security of the country must come before addressing many other issues, like health care.

“This is his number one priority. Keep in mind, dealing with health care is nice, dealing with the economy is nice. The president’s first responsibility is to defend the integrity and safety of the nation. And we really do believe — and I think, again, most folks are starting to agree with us now — that the situation at the border is a national security crisis.” said Mulvaney.

Last week, President Trump rolled back on his threat to completely close the border with Mexico after he saw them responding to the migrant crisis, however, he has left the option of adding tariffs onto Mexican goods, should the situation change.

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