WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Roast Hillary Clinton After She Trashed Trump

During an appearance with Trevor Noah on the Daily Show, Hillary Clinton warned the United States that we should be prepared for President Trump not to leave office should he lose the 2020 election.

“There have been so many academic studies and other analyses, which point out that it’s just an inaccurate, fraudulent claim,” Clinton said.

“There isn’t that problem. All the games that are played … to try and keep the vote down — that’s the real danger to the integrity of our election, that combined with disinformation and misinformation and all the online shenanigans we saw in 2016,” she added.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox News, and was asked about the failed Democrat presidential nominee claiming President Trump won’t leave the White House if he loses.

“It’s quite comical to watch the Democrat Party talk about not accepting the results of the election,” McEnany said, “because the only people who haven’t accepted the results of elections are people in the Democrat Party, like Hillary Clinton who’s blamed her loss on, I think it was something like two dozen different entities, never blaming herself.”

McEnany was also discussing the need for students to return to school.

We leave it to localities as to exactly what guidelines will work because guidelines in a state like North Dakota need to look different than a locality like Miami,” McEnany said

“The CDC guidelines are out there as a best-case scenario of this is how a school should look … but several of the principles in there are not feasible and not possible—which even the CDC guidelines say,” McEnany explained, specifically referencing the guideline that suggests students bring their own lunch to school.

“We know that half of America’s students depend on school lunch,” she said. “From a poverty-level standpoint, they need that school lunch.”

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