Whoopi Goldberg Seems To Side With China, Trashes President Trump For Freezing Funding To WHO

Whoopi Goldberg basically sided with China and the corrupt WHO when she trashed President Trump saying he has no authority to act like a “king” and cut funding to the World Health Organization.

Goldberg went on to blame the President, not the WHO nor China, for the Pandemic agreeing with a host who said, “Trump’s just playing the blame game.”

Co-host Joy Behar also trashed President Trump: “Nothing changes the fact he bungled the pandemic and now people are dying.”

Madworld reported that On Wednesday, Whoopi claimed: “‘You know who’ used the White House coronavirus press briefing to knock down criticism that he botched the response and is now going after the organization he claims is really to blame.”

Goldberg then showed a video of President Trump announcing he is cutting funding to WHO while a review is conducted.

“I know he is into total authority,” Whoopi said. “But does he have the power to cut off funding Sunny out of the blue just because he is in the mood to do it?”

“I don’t know if ‘king Trump’ has the authority to unilaterally cut off funding,” Sunny Hostin said. She then made the allegation that Trump must have sinister plans for the WHO funds.

“What this seems to be to me Whoopi is part of the Trump blame game,” Sunny said. “This is something he does because he does not want to accept responsibility for his lackluster response because Americans’ lives and deaths are squarely on his shoulders.”

“But when you think about what the WHO did do, the WHO offered the United States a test,” Sunny added.

“And the United States declined through the Trump administration that test and asked the CDC to come up with a coronavirus test.”

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