Whoopi Goldberg Tells Americans That They’re Stuck At Home Because Of Trump’s “Bad Leadership”

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg blamed U.S. “leadership” for the fact that Americans are “stuck” in their homes as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

On Friday, Goldberg spoke remotely via Skype with the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View,” apparently suggesting that President Trump was to blame for the unprecedented effect of the pandemic on self-isolating Americans who have been forced to stay home.

Co-host Sunny Hostin continued her ongoing criticism of the president by repeating the false claim that he called the coronavirus a “hoax,” an allegation President Trump has denied and that anyone who listened to his actual remarks would agree.

“Is this a hoax? Is this a hoax? Are people dying from a hoax?” she asked as the women went on a drawn-out discussion on the dangers of “people only listening to Fox News” and not taking the coronavirus seriously at first, naming several Fox News personalities.

“I just think there are unfortunately a bunch of people in this country who have such a distrust of our media and our institutions that they choose only to listen to one network or another, and I think has done a real disservice,” co-host Meghan McCain said.

“[Americans] listened to the president, who called it a hoax,” Hostin claimed. “There are lives at stake,”

Actually, President Trump had accused the Dems of politicizing the coronavirus outbreak and using it, like the previous hoaxes of Russian collusion and then the impeachment efforts against him, to weaponize the health emergency against his administration.

“The interesting thing about all of this is whatever channel you’re watching, you’re still watching from home,” Goldberg said following Hostin’s claims.

“You’re watching from inside your house. Because a pandemic has happened, and you are stuck,” she continued, “and whatever side you’re on, you understand that when you have leadership you would not be — you would not be stuck in your house.”

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