‘Why? Why?’: Nicolle Wallace Explodes On Live TV After Attorney General Barr’s Presser

This Thursday morning, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace exploded in rage after the aftermath of Attorney General Bill Barr’s press conference.

Nicolle Wallace’s mental condition visibly deteriorated during the course one particularly impassioned rant, in which she smeared Attorney General Barr as “shill” and a “human shield” for President Trump, until she was reduced to repeatedly crying, “Why? Why?”

The grief-stricken Deadline: White House host began her tirade with a number of accusations for President Trump: “As the country’s chief executive, he sat in his pajamas watching Fox & Friends maligning the FBI, maligning Robert Mueller, maligning Rod Rosenstein.”

She then turned her ire to Barr: “And what the country’s Attorney General did was walk in there and back up the guy doing the kicking.”

“Why?” She demanded. “Why?”

Her colleague, veteran MSNBC reporter Brian Williams inquired, “Do you have an answer for that?”

“I don’t” Nicolle Wallace replied, visibly exasperated. After questioning the legitimacy of President Trump’s having appointed William Barr to begin with, Wallace reached a crescendo.

“There will be a strong wave of trying to bully the press, saying, “It’s over! It’s over! No collusion, no obstruction.”” she said.

Really? Then why did that all happen today? Why have we heard from Barr five times if the Mueller report is so awesome for Donald Trump? We have now heard from someone who is a human shield of Mueller’s findings five times. If Mueller exonerated Trump on collusion, if there’s nothing ugly in there, why have we heard from Barr five times?” she asked.

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