William Barr Overrules Obama, Claims Saudi Shooting Is “An Act Of Terrorism Motivated By Jihadist Ideology”

AG Barr just tried to clean up the biggest scandal in American history that was either pushed by ex-president Obama or he was incompetent and let it happen.

William Barr cleaned it up with grace and decisiveness as has President Trump with the myriad of other Obama blunders (and Bush blunders) left behind for him to fix.

Obama and the Dems shied away from calling out radical Islam in name and the softer language they used translated into a softer stance on the biggest threat to the west.

Well that’s not the case with President Trump and AG Barr. They serve the American people, not our so-called allies in the Mid-East and as such, they are not constrained by feel-good language.

They have the courage to call it as they see it and that is the first step to finding a permanent solution for that problem.

The Amerian Military News reported that AG Barr announced the results of an investigation into the motives of the Saudi flight student who carried out a deadly Dec. 6 shooting attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. The conclusion: the shooting was an act of terrorism.

Barr said the gunman, identified as 2nd Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, was “motivated by jihadist ideology.” In a Department of Justice transcript of his statements, AG Barr cited various anti-American and anti-Israeli social media comments as well as a comment on Sept. 11 of last year in which Alshamrani said “the countdown has begun.”

“This was an act of terrorism,” AG Barr said. “The evidence shows that the shooter was motivated by jihadist ideology.”

The gunman killed 3 U.S. sailors and wounded 8 more.

AG Barr credited the work of the FBI for investigating the attack…

…AG Barr further discussed the details about the recent decision to expel other Saudi nationals who participated in U.S. flight training. He said that while early reports other Saudi nationals accompanied the gunman to film the shooting, he said the shooter actually arrived by himself and the other Saudi students merely took videos of the resulting commotion.

However, AG Barr did say that while there was no evidence others had assisted the attack or had pre-knowledge of it, investigators did learn of 21 members of the Saudi military who possessed “derogatory material.”

William Barr further said that 17 had social media containing some jihadi or anti-American content, despite no specific connection to any terror groups. He also claimed that 15 individuals, including some of the same 17 Saudi nationals identified as having pro-jihadi material, had some contact with child pornography.

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