2020 Democrat Candidate Gets Booed In California After Clamming That ‘Socialism Is Not The Answer’

Governor John Hickenlooper gets booed by angry California Democrats after he said that socialist policies were “not the answer.”

On Saturday evening, at the annual California Democratic Convention, Hickenlooper explained that he believes President Trump is the “worst president in American history.” He also stated that Democrats must choose a candidate that can pull votes from Trump if they want to prevent his reelection.

Governor Hickenlooper explained that he doesn’t think socialism is a good way to convince voters to turn against President Trump.

His comments did not go over well with the Democratic Party of California.

“Socialism is not the answer. I was reelected. I was reelected in a purple state in 2014 — one of the worst years for Democrats in a quarter century. I was — you know, if we’re not careful, we’re going to end up helping to reelect the worst president in American history.” He said.

Although slamming socialism in-front of Democrats blew up in his face, Hickenlooper stayed the course. He went from bashing socialism to slamming the Green New Deal.

Hickenlooper took aim at the Green New Deal and stated that a government jobs-guarantee isn’t going to help defeat President Trump, either.

This comment was met with as much warmth as his anti-socialism statement.

“We should not try to tackle climate change by guaranteeing every American a government job,” Hickenlooper said over a roar of boos.

Governor Hickenlooper’s attempts to steer the party away from socialism and toward moderate policies that could take votes away from President Trump seemed to be in vain. The governor’s ranking in recent polls has been as encouraging as the crowd in California was.

Hickenlooper has failed to register above one percent in almost every recent Democratic primary poll.

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