Graham Ends Schiff’s Terror, Details How Russia Investigation Was A Fraud From Day One

With so many competing narratives and salacious leaks coming from the swamp in DC, it’s becoming very hard to discern the truth. Both sides leak and both sides spin and one must question if the joke is not on us because it seems behind closed doors most of the swamp just wants to make money.

That said, it is important to remember what happened in 2016 if for no other reason that we make sure it never happens again, And if the Mueller investigation was a fraud from day 1 then Adam Schiff is a fraud too because he ked the charge to investigate this and he has been fingered as the biggest leaker in DC – but he was selective in his leaks usually leaving out the parts that cleared President Trump and leaked the parts that “looked bad.”

“The memo to Mueller from Rosenstein was given to me fully by Attorney General Barr virtually unredacted,” Lindsey started.

“So now we know that the scope of the investigation was to look at Carter Page, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort as to whether or not they were working with the Russians.”

“Now, this is in August of 2017.”

“In January of 2017,” Graham continued, “the subsource disavowed the Christopher Steele dossier.”

“And without the dossier, there is no FISA warrant.”

“So they knew that the Carter Page thing was a fraud.”

“They wanted to close the case against Flynn. We have Papadopoulos on record denying working with the Russians, saying to do so would be treason.”

“So the foundation for the Mueller investigation is crumbling.”

“The legal foundation to justify Mueller’s appointment in my view does not exist,” Graham added.

“That’s why this memo is so important. They name four people.”

“Rosenstein tells Mueller to look at four people on August 2nd, 2017. Carter Page is one of the four.”

“In January, eight months before the subsource disavowed the dossier, there was no legal justification to suspect Carter Page of being a Russian agent because it all depended on the dossier. And that crumbled in January.”

“Flynn’s case was looked at by the FBI field office in Washington, January the 4th of 2017,” Graham added.

“They said there’s no reason to believe he is doing anything wrong , so there is no legitimate reason to believe any of these four were working with the Russians on August 2nd, 2017.”

“Therefore, the entire Mueller investigation was illegitimate to begin with. That’s very important.”

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