Abortionist That Identifies Himself As ‘Christian’ Admits To Killing ‘Human Beings’ In Shocking Video: ‘What Does It Matter?’

Abortionist Willie Parker, a man who identifies himself as a christian, revealed that abortion procedures kill innocent human beings in a video from a Thursday night debate at the University of North Carolina.

While debating Dr. Mike Adams, Willie Parker willingly admitted that human beings are gruesomely killed and have their skulls crushed during abortion procedures. “Abortion kills a human being, I agree,” he bluntly states.

In a shocking video captured by pro-life organization Created Equal, Parker admits:

“It is wrong to kill an innocent human being, I agree. … Abortion kills a human being, I agree. When I do an abortion, I am clear what she is asking me to do for her. I am clear that she is asking me to remove a fetus from her. I am clear that, in your terms, it is intentional killing of a fetus.”

When Dr. Adams asked the abortionist for some specifics about the procedure, Parker callously asks repeatedly, “What does it matter?”

Adams: “So when you crush a human skull, it’s not really gray matter, it’s white brain matter that oozes out?”

Parker: “What’s your point?”

Adams: “I’m asking you a question. Is the brain matter that oozes out when you crush a human skull white?”

Parker: “What does it matter?”

Parker then asks Adams: “You’ve described what I do. So, what is your point?”

“My point is that [abortion] intentionally kills an innocent human being. Would you concede that point?” Adams responded.

Parker does just that: “My first concession was to your first two syllogisms: That abortion kills a human being; it is the intentional disruption of a pregnancy, it kills a human being,” he said.

The abortionist was then asked how many human beings he has killed so far. For whatever reason, Willie Parker dismissed the idea that the number matters at all.

“How many human beings have you intentionally killed in your life’s work?” asks Adams.

“I don’t know, I don’t measure my work by —” starts Parker.

“You lost count,” interjects Adams. “You’ve lost count.”

Parker then shockingly asked, “If it’s a million, what does it matter?”

“10,000?” asks Adams.

“20,000. 30,000.” Parker quickly shock back. “What’s the difference?”

“What’s the difference between 20,000 and 30,000?” says Adams. “10,000 dead human beings.”

Back in 2017, Parker bashed pro-life Christians and redefined the term “pro-life” during his appearance on The Daily Show.

“I think pro-life is [a] misnomer for people who are against abortion,” Parker told host Trevor Noah. “People who are opposed to abortion are pro-fetus. I’m pro-life; I’m pro-life of the woman.”

-When Parker began promoting his vile new book, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice, he became a fixture in the upscale unborn baby-killing circle: appearing alongside Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, attending conferences where he evangelizes to the masses about the relativistic good of abortion, and popping-up in leftist outlets like Elle, Jezebel, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Time, Cosmopolitan and The New York Times, among many others.

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