Woman Assaulted Man Wearing MAGA Hat At a Restaurant – Now ICE Is Looking To Send Her Packing

A woman from Falmouth who allegedly attacked a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at a Mexican restaurant was apprehended Tuesday by Immigration and Customs Enforcement after authorities discovered she is unlawfully present in the United States.

CBS News reported that “Deportation officers with ICE’s Fugitive Operations Team arrested Rosiane Santos, an unlawfully present citizen of Brazil, today near Falmouth, Massachusetts,” said ICE spokesman John Mohan.

“Santos is currently facing local charges for assault and other offenses. She is presently in ICE custody and has been entered into removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts,” Mohan added.

Authorities charged Rosiane V. Santos, 41, with disorderly conduct after she attacked Bryton Turner at a restaurant in Falmouth, Massachusetts, CBS reported on Feb. 21.

Santos batted the hat off Turner’s head while he was eating dinner at Casa Vallarta and commenced verbally assaulting him, according to Falmouth Police.

He recorded some of the conflict on his phone. “I’m just trying to sit here and eat a nice meal,” says Turner in the video as Santos grabbed his Make America Great hat.

The bartender, who is of Mexican descent, said Turner was minding his own business. “The lady didn’t agree with his hat and I just kept telling her it’s alright, he’s not doing anything to me why is it even a problem,” said bartender Geo Macario.

Turner said that Santos told the bartender to poison his drink, according to The Howie Carr Show who first reported about the arrest.

“It’s just a hat at the end of the day,” Turner, 23, said after the incident, according to CBS. “I don’t really understand why people can’t just express themselves anymore, everybody has to get mad.”

ICE officials stated that “Santos is presently no longer in ICE custody, she was arrested by ICE ERO earlier today, she has been provided with a Notice to Appear that has been filed on her and she has been entered into removal proceedings before federal immigration court.”

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