Actor Robert Davi Torches The Dems In Congress: “I Spit On You, American People Should Spit On You”

Hollywood actor Robert Davi torched the Democrats and their “seditious” impeachment inquiry of President Trump in a viral video message.

The Trump-supporting actor, who has appeared in over 100 films including “Die Hard” and the James Bond movie “License to Kill,” continued his ongoing criticism of Congress and the Dems in a video message posted to Twitter.

“9 Americans brutally murdered by cartel in Mexico Babies shot burned women murdered BURNED TO DEATH & SEDITIOUS DEMOCRATS spend our money & time on UKRAINE & quid pro quo impeachment bullshit – take care of OUR NATION-I SPIT ON THE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS I SPIT ON YOU-RISE UP DEMAND,” the actor captioned the tweet that included his video.

He addressed the “most egregious, seditious behavior” by a “progressive, Communist” Congress “in the history of our nation,” in the video shot in New York, as he focused on the sham impeachment inquiry by Democrats against President Trump which was sparked by claims of quid pro quo in a telephone conversation he had with Ukraine.

“At the end of the day, what does it really amount to?” the 68-year-old actor questioned, contending that the process is aimed solely at removing President Trump from office.

“Where was the damage? Did he get ‘payola’ from Ukraine or China like the Biden kid did?” he asked, referring to Hunter Biden, the son of former President Joe Biden, as BPR reported.

“What’s important right now, the Congress should suspend these impeachment hearings,” Davi continued.

“You do-nothing Democrat Congress, you’re seditious, you’re no good!” he added, directing his shots to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a reminder that not far from the border of her state of California, 9 American mothers and children were murdered when caught in Mexican drug cartel gunfire.

“We’ve been telling you about the border problem and about the drug problem for years and you’ve done nothing about it,” Davi said.

“The do-nothing Democrats, the subversive Democrats,” he added, pointing to crime in Democrat-run California and New York where he slammed the “disrespect” shown to police officers.

“I spit on you, I spit on you!” the actor exclaimed. “And it’s time that the American people spit on them.”

The actor called for something to be done, demanding Congress “suspend” the impeachment inquiry and turn to more urgent matters.

“They’ve got to suspend it and take care of immigration, let’s do something about these cartels,” he said, explaining that he did a “lot of research” for a film role when he played a Colombian drug lord and spent many months working in Mexico.

“Congress should suspend what’s going on. Nine people were killed. Shot. Babies,” he said.

“Let me ask you, what if it was your family? What would you do?” he asked. “But it’s not because you’ve got gates and you’ve got buildings and you’ve got security. The American people don’t.”

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