Actor Terry Crews Rips Nick Cannon Supporters: “I Was Never Afraid Of The KKK, It Was People Like You”

Actor Terry Crews says that he is more terrified of left-wing mobs than he ever was of the Ku Klux Klan, the hate group once notoriously supported by Democrats. Why? Because unlike today’s violent leftists, the KKK never bullied him or made death threats against him.

Crews, a burly former NFL player, made the comments in response to the hateful leftists who are harassing him nonstop after he slammed actor Nick Cannon for his anti-white, antisemitic tirade.

Crews tweeted: “When I was young, I was never afraid of the KKK…It was people like you. The threats, the intimidation discouraging free thought, and “the insult of acting white.”

Crews was reacting to a Twitter leftist who screeched: “You going so hard against Nick Cannon, but when you fall, NO BLACK PERSON will have your back.”

Crews posted a photo montage of himself urging Americans to unite amid the media-stoked race war.

Terry tweeted these words along with a call for Peace, Live, and Unity: “We are all in this together. Indivisible.”

The actor has been viciously harassed by left-wing mobs after slamming the Marxist Black Lives movement as a racist “black supremacy” coalition.

Last week, Crews got into a shouting match with CNN opinion host Don Lemon, who cut him off when Crews said Black Lives Matter is metastasizing into a “very, very dangerous” anti-white crusade.

Crews enraged the CNN host after he pointed out that black lives really don’t matter to BLM, as evidenced by its silence on the alarming surges on black-on-black violence amid BLM’s calls to defund the police.

In June, Crews sounded the alarm on the militant Black Lives Matter movement.

“Defeating white supremacy without white people could create black supremacy,” Crews said. “In black America, we have gatekeepers. We have people who have decided that who is black and who’s not. And I — simply because I have a mixed-race wife — have been discounted from the conversation by very, very militant black-power movements.”

Crews continued: “I’ve been called all kinds of things like an Uncle Tom, simply because I’m successful, simply because I worked my way out of Flint, Michigan. When you’re white, you can be Republican, libertarian, Democrat. But if you’re black, you have to be one thing [Democrat].”

Crews then invoked Joe Biden’s racist “you ain’t black” rant as proof that Democrats think they own the black vote and they’re the arbiters of who is “black enough.”

“Even Joe Biden said, ‘If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t even black,’” Crews said. “So blackness is always judged. And I’m going, ‘That is a supremacist move.’ You have now put yourself above other black people. In 1994, in Rwanda, there was a genocide. And it was all black people because there was one sector that viewed themselves as over the other. A million people died.”

Crews said there is definitely a hateful black supremacy movement festering in America because he has seen it himself.

“I’ve had black people tell me that the white man is the devil,” Crews recounted. “I experienced whole organizations that have viewed themselves [as better than whites] because of the suffering of black people. They have decided that now we are not equal — we’re better. That’s a mistake. You can develop a dangerous self-righteousness that could really hurt what we’re trying to do. We have to include this white voice, this Hispanic voice, this Asian voice. We have to include it right now. Because if we don’t, it’s going to slip into something we are really not prepared for [and that’s an all-out race war].”

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