Actress Rose McGowan Turns On Hillary Clinton: “Can’t Believe I Used To Support Her”

Hollywood actress and fierce Trump critic Rose McGowan finally come to her senses, as yesterday she issued a blistering denunciation of Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

What set the Hollywood actress off and caused her to turn on the once venerated Hillary Clinton? Well, she finally was forced to admit who the real Bill and Hillary Clinton, after reports emerged that Clinton’s team tried to protect her abuser, Harvey Weinstein.

“Hillary Clinton, did you have any concern for your husband’s victims? And what about HW victims? No? Didn’t think so,” McGowan tweets admitting the awful truth about Hillary.

“I knew that Hillary Clinton’s people, were protecting the Monster. I can’t believe I used to support her. I guess predators are her style,” she added to devastating effect.

“I am against abuse of power, whether it be Trump, Clinton, HW, @NBC… the list is long. I’m not raging, I just really, really dislike liars and those who protect them,” Rose McGowan tweeted.

The Daily Maild reported that Harvey Weinstein turned to his vast Rolodex of high-powered friends to try and kill Ronan Farrow’s expose detailing his decades of sexual misconduct.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Farrow stated that among those Weinstein turned to were Hillary Clinton, the editors of American Media and even his estranged father Woody Allen.

The first two went to considerable lengths to try and quash Farrow’s reporting, and dossiers detailing allegations of Matt Lauer’s sexual misconduct during his time on Today did play a role in NBC killing the story while he was at the network, Farrow claims.

Hillary Clinton did her best too, claims Farrow, who recounts being told his ‘big story’ was a ‘concern for us’ by the then-presidential hopeful’s publicist Nick Merrill.

He also said that the campaign withheld access to Clinton at a time when Farrow was trying to interview her for the foreign policy book he was working on at the time.

Attempts to rope in Farrow’s family were much less successful, including a call to Farrow’s estranged father Woody Allen. “Jeez, I’m so sorry. Good luck,” Allen told Weinstein, explaining that there was nothing he could do to stop the story.

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