WH Adviser Stephen Miller Shuts Down Reporters After They Ask Questions About Biden

President Trump finally seems to have built the White House team he should have been blessed with on his first day in office.

If he had the team then that he has now, the Democrat Party likely wouldn’t have won the House and more of the leftist media who have thrown in with them would be depressed.

One of President Trump’s best additions has been Stephen Miller. Try as the media clowns do, they can’t get over on him, they can’t harass him, can’t confuse him, and can’t take him off-message.

While these so called reporters continue to pretend like President Trump is the biggest threat to our republic and ignore the massive corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden, in plain sight and with more details streaming out by the day, Stephen Miller refuses to concede their ridiculous points and instead force feeds them facts.

Additionally, he refused to yield an inch on the BS ‘impeachment’ move by Democrats over allegations that President Trump committed no-no’s in a highly regular, very normal, and very privileged conversation in July with the Ukrainian president.

“I think Adam Schiff, and I think the entire House Democratic caucus, is humiliating and embarrassing themselves,” Miller told reporters at the White House.

“They’re running these secret sham proceedings, a violation of every principle of justice, due process and fairness that is embedded in our constitution and our cultural history and centuries of legal precedent,” he added.

He then slammed Joe Biden’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine — only to see the clowns rush to defend the allegations against Biden as “unsubstantiated.”

The so called media clowns know Biden is corrupt, so does everyone on the president’s team and they are in an all-out war to save him and our republic.

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