Adam Schiff Insults GOP Members Of Senate With Inappropriate Use Of John McCain Video At Trial

The world is not the same anymore and it didn’t happen under Trump, that is what most people get wrong. America changed way before that – maybe somewhere around 2004 or 2008.

We sat by as experts made their rosy predictions of the future they were building for us with free trade deals, liberal use of more work visa’s and a blind eye to illegal immigration as well as welcoming China into the WTO.

Americans are not naive, so we first elected an untested African American with the thinnest of resume’s proving that America wanted radical change (how else to explain Obama) because were so pissed that the experts had all been wrong all along.

Well, Obama didn’t stay true to the people and did not fulfill his campaign promises, so in a surprise to no one, except the media, we next elected another change agent in Donald Trump.

Unlike Obama, Trump is following through on his promises and that should scare the Dems. But what should scare them more is Adam Schiff’s disastrous usage of John McCain to try to guilt GOP Senators into impeaching Trump.

American politics has changed and the GOP Senate knows a loser when they see one. The John McCain/Hillary Clinton establishment of stupid wars, bad trade deals, corporate handouts, and cheap labor, offshoring and bank bailouts, and a sedated population is over.

And smart politicians will run from those people as fast as they can and when it comes to the GOP Senators who used to the same establishment stooges – the last thing they can afford going into an election is to be seen as defending the establishment.

The Hill reported that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff briefly showed a clip of the late Sen. John McCain during President Trump’s impeachment trial on Friday.

Schiff, discussing concerns about Russian aggression toward Ukraine, pointed to McCain, who chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee, as an individual who recognized the need for American support for Kyiv.

“One American, a war hero and statesman who is no stranger to this body recognized the threat posed by Russia in Crimea was Senator John McCain,” Schiff said.

“Senator McCain advised, this is a chess match reminiscent of the cold war and we need to realize that and act accordingly. He was, of course, absolutely right,” he continued.

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