Don Lemon Sued For Sexual Harassment – Victim Turns Down Six Figures To Bring CNN Host To Justice

Dustin Hice is suing CNN’s Don Lemon for sexual harassment and he’s finally breaking the silence and will be telling all the details of the despicable behavior by Lemon.

Hice claimed rather correctly that his lawsuit is not being taken seriously because he is gay and it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative of what the #metoo movement is all about.

Hice told Fox News that Don Lemon’s “vile, disgusting, lewd and in-humane” attack would be treated in a whole different light if he was a female.

“They painted me as trying to extort $1.5 million from him but they never mentioned that he offered many times over six figures to settle. He tried to make payments on that and I said, ‘No thank you,’” Hice said.

“I think that when he went to CNN and he probably failed to mention that he offered me well over six figures in the settlement process.”

Hice also said that he took a polygraph and passed.

“I passed with flying colors, this guy hooked me up to this whole machine, it was nerve-wracking but I just wanted to prove that I’m not lying,” Hice said. “Witnesses saw this happen. The whole town of Sag Harbor knew.”

Fox News also reported that Dustin Hice filed an explosive lawsuit against Don Lemon – who is openly gay — last year, accusing the “CNN Tonight” host of a sexually charged assault.

Hice told Fox News the alleged “vile, disgusting, lewd and inhumane” attack would be treated much differently if he were a woman.

“[Lemon] put his hand down the front of his own shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand and shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff’s mustache and under Plaintiff’s nose,” according to the lawsuit, filed Aug. 11, 2019 in Suffolk County Court.

Don Lemon offered a six-figure settlement before talks broke down and the formal complaint was filed, as Hice stated.

“I’m not doing this for notoriety or fame, I’m doing this because I’m standing up for myself and what I believe in,” Hice told Fox News. “I’ve grown a new respect for people dealing with mental health issues because stress, depression, anxiety, those are all very serious things. It consumed my life.”

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