AG Barr Bursts In Laughter After Wolf Blitzer Tells Him CNN Is “Fair & Balanced”

During a TV interview, U.S. AG Bill Barr laughed in Wolf Blitzer’s face when the CNN anchor described his network as “fair and balanced.”

Blitzer prompted the exchange by asking Barr if he wants to serve in the second term of the Trump administration. The AG deflected that question by responding that it’s too presumptuous to get into it at this stage.

When Blitzer asked him if he is enjoying his job the second time around, a jovial Barr said that “I wouldn’t use the word enjoy, but it’s satisfying.”

The AG then got more serious and went on to call out media bias that has gotten so much worse since he served as AG under President George H.W. Bush.

“Well, the political climate and the media was a lot different…the media should be fair and balanced no matter who the president is. Doesn’t give the media a license to lie the way a lot of the media is.

Blitzer then chimed in that “I can speak for us. We are fair and balanced. I’m sure you would appreciate that.”

That’s when Barr laughed and charitably said “okay.”

Agreeing with Blitzer that the two presidents were quite different, Barr added that Donald Trump has been called upon to deal with an entirely different set of issues than what was in play during the elder Bush’s term in office.

Despite what Blitzer is claiming, anyone who tunes in can immediately recognize CNN’s vendetta against President Trump, who has accordingly and repeatedly called out the network for fake news.

During the interview, AG Barr also educated Blitzer about the fraud inherent in universal mail-in voting.

Many conservatives on Twitter took note of Blitzer’s exaggeration. Here is a sample.

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