“Fresh Out Of The Salon” – Pelosi Ripped In The Replies After Posting Photo Of Herself

While Nancy Pelosi’s recent Salon visit has been dominating the headlines during the past two days, one could not see a single tweet posted from her account regarding the issue.

What she couldn’t escape, however, was the comments and replies on her posts.

Yesterday, Pelosi wwrote: “Today, we mark 75 years since the nd of World War 2 and honor the courageous efforts of those who stood together against tyranny.”

In a follow up tweet she also shared a photo of herself at a memorial.

“We will forever be in debt to these heroic men and valiant women for their service and sacrifice. #WWII75” Nancy Pelosi wrote.

But the photo didn’t exactly elicit the responses she was hoping for.

People on Twitter mocked the House Speaker with hilarious comments and replies. Here’s a few of them:

“Fresh out of the salon,” said a tweet.

“Hair looks great, as if someone tricked you into getting it done,” said another.

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