Baseball Star Defends President Trump: ‘MLB Players Are Scared To Visit Baltimore’

Johnny Damon spoke up about the truth of Baltimore in defense of President Donald Trump. Damon is a strong Trump supporter and he just couldn’t let the false media narrative stand.

Congressman Cummings’ own house was broken into just few days ago, so when Johnny Damon says that MLB players were scared to go out in Baltimore he says the truth.

TMZ reported that Damon says that he believes President Trump’s choices of words were a little harsh, but he also told TMZ Sports that he agrees with 45 — saying back when he played in the MLB, he didn’t love hitting the road there.

“He’s not wrong,” Johnny Damon says … “Baltimore was one of the best places to visit when I broke into the league in ’95. And, at the end, we didn’t really, like, enjoy going back.”

Damon — who’s been an outspoken Trump supporter for many years — added, “Towards the end, it started getting a little scarier.”

Johnny says President Trump’s remarks will actually help and improve the city, telling us that he thinks the criticism should lead to a change in the area.

“I think Baltimore is a great town, and this is raising awareness and hopefully they can go in and spend the hard tax-paying dollars to actually make a difference.” He said.

For his part, the President had a similar sentiment on the situation, saying at the White House earlier this week, “Those people are living in hell in Baltimore. They’re largely African-American — you have a large African-American population — and they really appreciate what I’m doing and they’ve let me know it.”

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