Bette Midler Asks “Why Would Any Thinking American Ever Vote For Hideous Trump?“

Thursday, Hollywood performer Bette Midler asked the American voters why would they give their vote to “hideous” Donald Trump.

“Why would any thinking American ever vote for hideous #DonaldTrump?” Midler asked her followers on Twitter.

“He’s killed 220,000 million of us!” She continued.

“He wants to take healthcare away from 30 million people DURING A F*KING PANDEMIC! Who does that? And why?”

“Because people’s lives aren’t terrible enough, they must be worse?” she added.

Warning: Strong language.

Reactions were mixed, including:

“You got Bette!” Cheered one Twitter user.

“None of this is true,” said another comment.

“Not everything you think is true.”

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