Trump Rips MSNBC’s Ali Velshi For ‘Not Unruly’ Report From Riots, Having Hissy Fit Over Boo-Boo & General Dumbness

At the rally in Georgia, President Trump spoke about Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and the squad, and about Rep. Ilhan Omar in particular, who he said will be the reason Minnesota goes for Trump this election.

Then he turned Trump attention to the media, and specifically MSNBC’s Ali Velshi.

Velshi was a natural segue from talking about Minnesota. Trump pointed out that, in addition to Ilhan Omar’s palpable and obvious hatred for America, the Minnesota vote is turning Trump because of things like riots in the streets, which are egged on by the press and media who then decline to cover the violence and destruction.

He singled out Velshi in particular for that report most of us still can’t get over, where he said, while standing in front of burning buildings, that the protests were not “generally speaking, unruly.”

“Behind him, the fire is like nine blocks long, it looks like Berlin during the worst days of their lives, the fires are raging,” he said.

Then he mocked him for whimpering about getting hit with a tear gas canister. Which is good because Velshi and Joe Scaredborough and the rest of the mainstream media are trying to turn it into some MARTYRDOM should be routinely and forever mocked over that non-incident.

Nobody is buying your routine anymore Velshi. You’ll figure that out soon, but too late to save your ratings.

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