Black Civil Rights Lawyer Tears Into “Wicked” Dems Over Mobs & Riots, Says He’s Voting Republican For The First Time

“This is the reason why I am voting Republican for the first time,” said civil rights attorney Leo Terrell on Fox News last night.

He was talking about the mobs who harassed and threatened Rand Paul and his wife, along with dozens of other people leaving the White House grounds.

“What you just saw last night with Rand Paul and Vernon Jones — it doesn’t make a difference what color your skin color, as these are thugs out there attacking law-abiding citizens,” he said.

“The Democrats are now lying, saying that ‘we are in favor of law and order.’ They have let cities burn for four to five months and President Trump has offered help and they have refused. This is outright shocking.

He’s right, as we all know. Just this week the mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler refused federal aid after rioters came to his condo and threatened him.

And well, Terrell – and a whooole lot of other folks – are darn sick and tired of that kind of mess.

“And this form allowing these criminals to run rampant in the streets without any recourse is going to haunt the Democrats and that is why the polls are shifting, and that’s why they are going to vote for the law and order president,” said Terrell.

“I and other Democrats are going to vote for Trump because we want law and order, we want school choice, we want the good things that President Trump articulated in his acceptance speech.”

“One last point: You didn’t hear a single word about the democratic programs and policies last week at their DNC convention. Why? Because it’s pure socialism. It’s a case of keeping are American values versus having our American values destroyed by these wicked, wicked, extreme Democrats,” he said.

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