Texas GOP Lawmaker Is Not Committing To Voting For Trump’s Re-election

Rep. Mac Thornberry, who has announced his retirement, is not committing to voting for President Donald Trump, citing that “a lot of folks” are uncomfortable with some of his posts on social media.

Speaking to KFDX, the 13th district lawmaker said “I hear it all the time. President Trump is very popular in our area, but a lot of folks are uncomfortable with some of the tweets and the way he talks and so forth.”

He added “And my suspicion is that a lot of those Republicans have similar concerns.”

KFDX reported that “Thornberry did not say whether he plans to vote for President Trump in November, but he said he has voted for Democrats in the past though, saying he, like many voters, look for the best person for the job.”

Along with Rep. Adam Smith, Thornberry recently issued a statement against Trump’s comments about potentially pardoning Edward Snowden.

“Edward Snowden did enormous harm to our national security and he must stand trial for his actions. President Trump and Secretary Esper have both decried harmful leaks from the Department of Defense and elsewhere in the federal government.”

“To pardon Snowden now would completely undermine this Administration’s position and mock our national security workforce who take immense caution in their work to keep us safe.”

“It would be a serious mistake to pardon anyone who is charged under the Espionage Act, who admits to leaking sensitive information, and who has spent years since then as a guest of the Putin regime. Not only would it mean that Snowden cannot be held accountable for his crimes, but it would send a dangerous message to others who are contemplating espionage and the adversaries who would support them.”

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