City Removes “Black Lives Matter” Street Mural Because Of “MAGA 2020” Request

Street graffiti for me, but not for thee. That’s what lawmakers in Redwood City, California basically told one Trump supporter who wanted to paint “MAGA 2020” on the same street where left-wing activists had painted a Black Lives Matter mural.

Last week, Redwood City (which is located on the San Francisco peninsula) washed away the “Black Lives Matter” mural after a local attorney — a Trump supporter — argued that since the street was now a public forum, she should be allowed to paint “MAGA 2020” on it.

“I saw the ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign appearing on Broadway Street on the asphalt and I figured that’s gonna be a new public space — open for discussion — and I wanted to get my message out too,” Maria Rutenburg told CBS San Francisco.

Rather than allow Rutenberg to paint “MAGA 2020” on the same street where the “Black Lives Matter” mural was displayed, local lawmakers simply washed away the BLM mural.

The disparate reaction underscores that Trump supporters are not treated equally under the law as Marxist Black Lives Matter activists are.

Case in point: When Redwood City resident Dan Pease asked for permission to paint “Black Lives Matter” on Broadway Street three weeks ago, city officials supplied him with the yellow poster paint to make the mural.

But when a Trump supporter asked for permission to paint “MAGA 2020,” the entire concept of a public street forum got shut down.

Redwood City officials claimed it made the decision because street graffiti is a traffic hazard that could cause accidents.

Keep in mind that the Black Lives Matter mural was sitting there for more than 2 weeks. Street graffiti only became a “traffic hazard” after a Trump supporter asked for a MAGA 2020 mural.

The nationwide campaign to paint “Black Lives Matter” murals on the streets of Democrat-run cities has become a crusade for left-wing activists, despite the fact that simply painting or chanting the hollow mantra has failed to stem the alarming surge in black-on-black murders.

The Democrats have vociferously backed the Black Lives Matter movement, whose priority is to scapegoat and defund the police.

The resulting police pullbacks in Democrat-run cities like Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City have fueled a catastrophic spike in violent crimes, especially in black neighborhoods.

This has alienated and infuriated many black Democrats. Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell is a lifelong Democrat who has repeatedly slammed President Trump.

However, Terrell says Black Lives Matter is a scam and a puppet being exploited as part of a Democratic power grab.

Terrell said the deafening silence by Democrats and BLM over the countless black-on-black murders during the recent ascent of BLM proves that they’re less concerned about black lives than about demonizing the police.

Terrell continued: “[Black Lives Matter] is only concerned about a few individuals [killed by white cops]. They don’t care about black lives.”

The situation has gotten so bad that Leo Terrell vowed on live TV that he will vote for a Republican in November. For the first time in his life.

“This will be the first time in my life that I will be voting Republican,” Terrell told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “First time in my life.”

Hannity asked: “For Donald Trump?”

Terrell replied: “For Donald Trump.”

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