Top Republicans Attack Liz Cheney For Her Lack of Support For The President – Call For Her Removal

House Representative Liz Cheney is the third highest Republican in the US House of Representatives. She is House GOP Conference Chair and she is being asked to step down from her position by top Republicans.

Most conservatives were shocked when the House GOP elected Liz Cheney to one of the top three positions in the House.

VP Cheney was ridiculed, slandered and abused by the MSM for years but especially during his time as VP. He was brilliant and a strong supporter of the Republican Party, but he and President George W. Bush never had an answer for the slander and abuse they endured. Day after day they were ridiculed for a war many did not like. After eight years of this, Cheney’s name was demolished.

President Obama pulled troops out of Iraq and watched as the Middle East exploded under his watch but he was given a pass by the same members of the liberal media.

President Trump then came to power and he knows what he is up against and how to handle it – every day President Trump outlines and defines the corrupt media and labels it for what it is – corrupt. This is one of many reasons the President has close to 100% support from the Republican Party.

Of all people, Liz Cheney should know about the left’s slanderous lies, their constant attacks and fraudulent polls. But she perhaps has forgotten what her father went through and doesn’t know how to stand against the left.

When Representative Steve King was slandered by the media and labeled a racist, Liz Cheney didn’t stand by his side, she sided with the lying media.

Liz Cheney is shy to publicly display her support for President Trump.

Today it was reported that Republicans met recently and Liz Cheney was called out for not supporting President Trump.

Republicans need leaders that support President Trump and fellow Republicans from the liberal media and Democrat lies. Liz Cheney (and others) need to change – either get on the Trump Train or resign from House leadership and put others in leadership roles who will.

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