Cruz Flips Script On Timberlake After He Pays “Protestors” Bail: Why Not Help Black Biz Owners Who Lost Everything Instead

Hollywood music star Justin Timberlake has pledged financial support for protesters who have been arrested by police in the past couple of days during riots sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody.

“Please join me in supporting the Minneapolis protesters by donating to the @mnfreedomfund,” Justin Timberlake tweeted Sunday. “The freedom fund is combatting the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low income individuals who cannot otherwise afford.”

Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t wait long to respond to the famous singer and shared his thoughts on Twitter. Sen. Cruz thinks Timberlake’s money is best spent elsewhere.

“Justin, how about giving your millions to a fund to help the African-American and Hispanic small businesses that are being burned & looted rather than a fund to bail out the spoiled (often white) ANTIFA terrorists who are destroying minority communities?” Cruz tweeted in response.

Roughly 4,000 people have been arrested since demonstrations broke out in major cities across the U.S. in the wake of Floyd’s death.

Among the peaceful demonstrations, usually after dark, there have been widespread looting, vandalism, and arson. Local police in many cities have said they suspected people from outside their areas had infiltrated Black Lives Matter protests with the intent of being violent and causing further harm.

Several other Hollywood celebrities have pledged to help bail arrested protesters out of jail, including Steve Carell and Seth Rogen.

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