Devin Nunes Claims That Biden’s Campaign Is Over: “Scheme Backfired”

Devin Nunes appeared on Fox Business saying that he believes Joe Boden’s campaign is over. Nunes, a fierce Trump supporter doesn’t believe the Biden campaign can survive the Ukrainian and possibly other scandals coming concerning possible pay to play.

“I mean, look, there’s a lot. Look, the left knows that Biden’s son is a problem for him,” Devin Nunes said.

Nunes also said that the Clintons wrote a book on how to beat Biden and that Hillary kept him out of the race by getting stories suggesting impropriety about Biden’s deals in the media.

“This is why, when Hillary Clinton was running, these stories first originated — first originated back when Hillary Clinton was trying to make sure that Biden didn’t get in the race.”

“So, now that these have been resurrected, I don’t know who came up with the scheme,” Nunes added.

“Maybe there really is — this whistle-blower is not a partisan. I mean, we want to — we want to hear from that whistle-blower.”

“But it sure looks like the scheme has backfired. And this — like I said, I think this is probably the end of Biden’s campaign.”

“End of his campaign?” Maria Bartiromo asked Nunes.

“I really do. I don’t think — I mean, not that he’s — he’s still formidable,” Nunes said.

“He still has a bloc of support. But if you look, his lead is basically down to zero. If you look at what happened in Iowa now, it looks like Elizabeth Warren is in the lead.”

“The more I think that they’re out there promoting this kind of craziness and silliness, the more that the American people are put off, and the more likely President Trump is reelected,” Nunes said.

“This has all the hallmarks of the Russia hoax,” Nunes said.

“Something leaks out. … and then it’s the same reporters that report on it, the same reporters that reported on the Russia hoax.”

“Then you move forward, and what happens? Then supposedly they come and testify – and the night before they testify, the whistle-blower who supposedly doesn’t want anybody to know who this person is, or what information they have, well, it’s spilled all over the pages of the Washington Post’ before Congress is briefed on the matter.”

“Whoever came up with this scheme – it looks like somebody was trying to deflect what Biden did back in 2015.” Nunes said.

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