Dog The Bounty Hunter Rushed To The Hospital With Heart Emergency

Duane “Dog” Chapman famous for his hit TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter was rushed to the hospital over the weekend with a heart emergency.

Earlier this summer, Chapman’s wife, Beth Chapman, succumbed cancer after a long fight that left both the Chapman family and their many fans devastated.

Duane Chapman recently told reporters that he was having a hard time even watching his show and couldn’t bear to be in the editing room when they were cutting episodes with Beth in it.

TMZ also reported that Dog the Bounty Hunter was hospitalized after suffering a heart emergency that may require surgery, just a couple months after his wife died.

Sources told TMZ the reality TV star was taken to a hospital from his home in Colorado after feeling a strong pain in his chest.

Doctors are also trying to figure out if he will need a corrective surgery.

Either way, it is a scary incident for the Chapman family coming just a few months after Beth died from cancer.

Beth Chapman’s death has been incredibly hard on Dog — he broke down in tears at her Colorado memorial — who’s also been dealing with other forms of stress lately.

Last month, his store was broken into, where crooks made off with some of Beth’s personal items, and Dog also nearly fell victim to a $430k check scam out of Dubai.

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