Gun Shop Billboard Blasting ‘The Squad’ Sparks Liberal Outrage – Tlaib Claims It’s ‘Inciting Violence’

A gun shop in Murphy, North Carolina put up a billboard mocking “The Squad” and sparked a liberal outrage on social media and the Democrats.

The billboard stirred up controversy over what critics are condemning as a “racist” message that is “encouraging gun violence.” Among the people blasting the store are some of the congresswomen themselves, who are calling for the billboard to be taken down.

Murphy’s Cherokee Guns put up a billboard few days ago weekend featuring photographs of the 4 members of “The Squad” — Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley — and read: “The 4 Horsemen Cometh Are Idiots,” signed by “the Deplorables.”

Below you can see the store’s Facebook post showing a photo of the billboard posted on Sunday:

The store also posted some loaded commentary and took a few more shots at the congresswomen, as well as “snowflake” liberals.

The Washington Post, reported that the shop’s billboard and posts have been condemned by critics, including Rep. Tlaib, who accused the shop of “inciting violence.”

“How the hell is this not inciting violence?” wrote Rep. Tlaib in response to a post by the group Muslim Advocates, which states: “A billboard is up in NC that is encouraging gun violence against @IlhanMN @AOC @RashidaTlaib & @AyannaPressley. Take action & tell the companies supporting this that IT NEEDS TO COME DOWN.”

Rep. Pressley also responded, posting a message directed at North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows calling on him to “do the right thing” to protect her and her fellow “vulnerable” congresswomen.

“#Racist rhetoric from the occupant of the @WhiteHouse has made hate our new normal. We are still vulnerable,” wrote Pressley. “[Rep. Mark Meadows] – Cherokee Guns is in your district & you and I serve on a committee together. Here’s your chance to finally do the right thing.”

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence also declared the store’s rhetoric to be “dangerous” — and ultimately inspired by President Trump.

“Disgusting anti-government violent rhetoric from Cherokee Guns in North Carolina,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post responding to the store’s billboard. “Threats against members of Congress, particularly minority members are [up] and it is driven by the president’s racial rhetoric[.] This is dangerous!!!”

Some Facebook users also expressed outrage over the gun shop’s posts. “What, no targets on their faces?” wrote one user. “Reported as terrorism,” wrote another. “You righties are just playing into the sterotype of your own making, aren’t you! You can’t go one day without looking like a bunch of fascist, minority hating a**holes who will follow your fuhrer blindly. I have yet to see a story or hear from a republican that doesn’t sound like Germany in the 40s,” wrote another.

“This is really not a good look for your shop. Putting virtual targets on anyone’s head is just in poor taste,” added another. “Prepare to be put out if business, you racist piece of sh**,” one predicted.

Others have come to the store’s defense, arguing that the billboard doesn’t contain any racist references or any calls to violence.

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