Herschel Walker’s Son Rips Dems For Pretending To Care About Black Voters: Kamala Will Keep You On “Victimhood Plantation”

Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker’s son blasted Kamala Harris in a video produced by the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that advocates for gay and lesbian conservatives.

“When racism, direct racism, wasn’t working for the Democrat Party because Republicans came in and put an end to Jim Crow laws, put an end to slavery — it was the Republicans who championed civil rights,” Christian Walker said.

The Democrats had to switch to ‘OK, well we can’t be directly racist anymore, so let’s just pretend we like black people.’ This is always what they do. They go, ‘Hey. Look, black people, we’re going to have a female black woman VP. Vote for us!'” Christian Walker said in the video posted to social media.

“OK, well, let me give you another tidbit black people: that VP is going to keep you on the victimhood plantation. She’s going to give you an extra welfare check, and you’re not going to be able to support yourself. They’re going to entice you to divorce each other.”

Walker also said that the Dems are using “manipulation” techniques and “locking people into group think-like” mobs in an effort to advance their legislative agenda.

“The Left runs itself on locking into people group-think-like mobs. Whether that be, ‘You’re black. You’re LGBTQ. You’re an immigrant. You’re part of Silicon Valley, in an effort to pretend that they’re super inclusive and they care about people, but what it winds up turning into is a manipulation technique.”

Walker argued that President Trump’s record can speak for itself, such as him signing criminal justice reform bills and how the black unemployment rate fell to 5.4%, the lowest on record, in August 2019.

“Donald Trump treats us all the same. He lowered the black unemployment rate— better than Obama, better than our first black president. He passed criminal reform bills.”

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been blasted for their past positions on criminal justice. Biden helped author the 1994 crime bill that created “three strikes” mandatory life sentences for serial offenders and increased prison funding. As the San Francisco district attorney, Harris blocked DNA testing that could have exonerated a death row inmate.

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