Anti-Trump Hollywood Mocks & Cheers Ships Sinking During Trump Boat Parade In Texas

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) responded to “many boats in distress” during the “Trump Boat Parade” on Lake Travis, a TCSO spokesperson confirmed to KVUE. Several boats sank during the event.

Reports of sinking boats on Lake Travis began coming in on the Citizen app at around 1:20 p.m. Saturday. TCSO confirmed boats in distress throughout the parade route, including at Paradise Cove, West Beach, Point Venture and Hurst Creek.

Trump supporters gathered in Lake Travis, Texas Saturday for a massive boat parade.

While the exact number of attendees is not known, KHOU reported more than 2,000 were planning to attend.

The media covered a few boats that sank, but there were no injuries or deaths.

Several anti-Trump celebrities cheered and mocked the unfortunate boats sank during a boat parade in Texas.

Multiple boats took in too much water, mostly smaller ones and capsized in the choppy waves.

Actor Michael Rapaport filmed a video and wrote “I like My Boaters knowing how to Boat. These are real life Suckers.”

“3rd Rock from the Sun” Actress Kirsten Johnson wrote “Now that’s a parade!”

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