Hillary Claims “The Russians Helped Them Last Time, The Russians Are Helping Them Now”

During a joint interview with her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton and April Ryan, Hillary Clinton warned Americans about the upcoming election.

“The Russians helped them last time. The Russians are helping them now!” Hillary Clinton said in the interview.

“And you cover the White House. You know.” Hillary Clinton added.

Famous actor James Woods posted the part of the video interview on his Twitter profile.

“It’s actually funnier watching with the sound off…” Woods added in his tweet.

Many conservatives on social media blasted the former Presidential candidate, giving her a piece of their minds.

“I’m pretty sure it was Hillary involved with the Russians last time… when is she going to quit denying? The jig is up!!” Said a tweet.

“Bill sure looks broken downed and drained. I’d feel sorry for him , but not happening. He deserves what he’s going through,” said a comment.

“That face you make when your wife is Hillary Clinton,” said another comment.

“What has this even got to do with that. This is all about her not getting over the last election. She’s irrelevant! Bill showing his face too!” said a tweet.

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