Hollywood Star Ron Perlman Dares Ted Cruz To Wrestling Match As Their Nasty Feud Goes Public

Hollywood star Ron Perlman, the actor who played Hellboy, started a feud with President Trump, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Ted Cruz yesterday that ended with Ron challenging Ted Cruz to a wrestling duel.

Ron started off attacking Matt Gaetz and President Trump.

“The US Soccer team called and you guessed it… said they couldn’t give any less of a fuck about what you two dipshits think. @realDonaldTrump @mattgaetz.”

Matt hit back reminding Ron he played a bad guy on Sons of Anarchy: “This racial justice warrior had no problem in Hollywood portraying the White Supremacist leader of a motorcycle gang. #SOA.”

Ron hit back: “Yessir, so true! So rewarding playing assholes on tv. Tell me sir, how is it actually being one?”

“And while we’re at it f*ckboi, what is this shit about playing your crowd with dog whistles like “Hollywood“, making them think culture is the thing that’s keeping them down? When it’s really you and your greed.”

Matt hit back: “Honestly? The fact that Hollywood thinks I’m an asshole is a badge of honor 🙂 You wouldn’t be tweeting about me if my message weren’t true & effective. Threatens your wokeness.How triggered will you be when @realDonaldTrump is re-elected? More or less than when crooked lost?

Ron took a cheap shot: “Ya know what, you’re right. A guy who wins a totally gerrymandered district with daddy’s money deserves our deepest admiration. You’re right..I only PLAY scumbags and grifters. You’re the real deal! @mattgaetz”

So did Matt: “Dude I represent a district of 700k that elected me w about two-thirds of the vote the last 3x I’ve been on a ballot. Blue check marks don’t scare me anymore than your fictional white supremacy motorcycle gang. Leave the tough guy comments for those of us who face the voters.”

Then Ron called Jim Jordan ugly and Ted Cruz let him have it.

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