Leaker Inside Trump’s Family Revealed – Niece Who Gave Tax Docs To Media Plans To Spill Beans Again In New Book To Cash In

New info suggest that there was a leaker inside Trump’s family who had been sneaking documents to the media to run hit pieces on President Trump.

Until now, no one could figure out who was leaking these sensitive documents and speaking to the press but now we know because Trump’s niece wants a payday and she will get it.

Mary Trump, the daughter of Trump’s deceased brother Fred Trump Jr. has been feeding information to the New York Times which they used to attack President Trump and now she plans to publish a book and air some dirty laundry right before the election.

It seems that she’s still mad over a fight for Fred’s will and she will most probably make a lot of money as the hint of scandal before an election sells.

The Daily Mail reported that President Trump’s niece reveals in new book that she leaked details of his ‘fraudulent’ tax schemes, alleges he contributed to his brother’s death and says his retired federal judge sister disapproves of him.

55-year-old Mary Trump, is the daughter of Donald’s late brother Fred Trump Jr.

She is the oldest of all the grandchildren of Fred Trump Sr, Donald’s father.

Mary has reportedly written a tell-all book, Too Much And Never Enough, which is due out in August to coincide with the Republican National Convention.

The book will detail family feuds and uncomfortable allegations about her father.

Fred Trump Jr, her father, died in 1981 from alcoholism and the family broke apart.

Mary outs herself as source of bombshell 2018 NYT story about Trump’s finances, which alleged he was involved in ‘fraudulent’ tax schemes.

It will be the first time that a Trump family member has published an expose.

Donald Trump’s niece has reportedly written a ‘harrowing and salacious’ book about her uncle in which she details how and why she leaked family tax information to the New York Times – and delves into family feuds.

Mary Trump, 55, who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, is due to publish Too Much And Never Enough in August, to coincide with the Republican National Convention.

The book will reportedly lay bare how his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, an 83-year-old retired federal judge, disapproves of Trump’s presidency.

Trump Barry had conversations with Mary in which she expressed ‘damning thoughts about her brother,’ The Daily Beast reported.

The book will also allege that President Trump and his father, Fred Trump Sr, contributed to the death of Trump’s alcoholic elder brother Fred Trump Jr by failing to help him.

President Trump has previously spoken of his regret at the death of Fred Trump Jr, aged 42, in 1981.

The publishers, Simon & Schuster, are said to be remaining tight-lipped about the content of the book – the first expose of Trump written by a family member.

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