Host Sean Hannity Rips Bill Maher: ‘You Are a Mean-Spirited Jackass’

Sean Hannity shut down Bill Maher over his shockingly rude remarks about recently deceased GOP donor David Koch.

On Friday night, HBO host Bill Maher made remarks about the death of libertarian billionaire and philanthropist David Koch, stating that he was glad that Koch was dead and that he hoped his death was painful.

“Yesterday, David Koch, of the zillionaire Koch brothers, died of prostate cancer. I guess I’m going to have to reevaluate my low opinion of prostate cancer,” Maher started.

“He was 79, but his family says they wish he could live longer, but at least he lived long enough to see the Amazon catch fire.”

”Condolences poured in from all the politicians he owned, and mourners have been asked in lieu of flowers to just leave their car engines running. As for his remains, he’s been asked to be cremated and have his ashes blown into a child’s lungs.” Bill Maher continued.

Maher went on to say that he was glad David Koch was dead and hoped the “end was painful.”

Sean Hannity didn’t wait long to respond and last night he took Maher to the task.

“I have a little message for Bill,” Hannity said on his top-rated Fox News show when he announced the segment “villain of the day.”

“You’re a jackass. You’re a mean-spirited jackass.” Hannity told his audience, and was just getting started.

“I have other words I really want to use, but unlike you, I work at a network that has some standards, and if I said it, I have to spend all day tomorrow and the next day dealing with that crap.”

“The guy you’re talking about and his wife donated $1.3 billion to charity,” Sean Hannity said. “Until you do that, just keep your big mouth shut.”

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