Huge Numbers Of Immigrants From Corona-Infected Countries Were Denied Entry At Border

Recent reports claim that about 150,000 illegal immigrants from 72 nations with cases of the coronavirus have been apprehended or deemed inadmissible from entering the U.S. since November, raising the ongoing border crisis to a potential public health threat.

New figures provided to Secrets show that over half of the nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants apprehended or deemed “inadmissible” this fiscal year came from nations with cases of the coronavirus, including China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, etc.

Trump’s administration has been bracing for a federal court decision that would junk its “remain in Mexico” policy and open the doors on the southwest border. But the Supreme Court put that on hold as legal arguments on both sides continue in the liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which oversees California and Arizona.

DHS figures

“The border/immigration situation has taken on a whole new dynamic; it’s a public health threat,” said an official.

Secrets recently reported that 328 Chinese immigrants had been seized illegally crossing our border since the virus outbreak began in China.

Last week, U.S. Customs & Border Protection officials said that none of the immigrants stopped by agents showed signs of the virus.

The department also stated that there are several factors raising the potential of a virus crisis at the border:

– Sheer volume of migrants.
-Nationalities represented at the border from coronavirus-affected countries.
-Unique health dangers of journey to the border.
-Crowded conditions of DHS border facilities.
-Strain on healthcare system.

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