Maxine Waters Claims Trump Is a “Liar” & Needs To “Shut His Mouth” On Virus Outbreak

Rep. Maxine Waters trashed President Trump and called him a liar, while saying that he should leave talk about the coronavirus outbreak to health professionals in his administration.

“It’s been said over and over again that you cannot trust this president,” Maxine Waters told reporters Wednesday.

“Not only is he a lair, he does not believe in anything scientific,” she added.

The Washington Examiner reported that since the outbreak of the virus reached the United States, President Trump has sought to quell fears that the situation has gotten out of control.

“Our CoronaVirus Team has been doing a great job,” the President tweeted this week. “Even Democrat governors have been VERY complimentary!”

Rep. Maxine Waters, a Democrat, was not one of them. “The president of the United States cannot be relied upon,” she said.

“Someone said he needs to be quiet, he needs to shut his mouth. And he should do that and allow CDC, NIH, and others to deal with this issue and help us through it,” she added.

The World Health Organization declared the virus a pandemic on Wednesday. So far, there are 1,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. The death toll as risen to 31.

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