“I am Pissed” – Rep. Zeldin Goes Off On Dems Who “Screwed” Americans With Their Impeachment Circus

After the media was whipped into an impeachment frenzy, Rep. Lee Zeldin went off on the Dems for their obsession with impeaching President Donald Trump.

“I’m pissed as I stand here!” Rep. Lee Zeldin told reporters on Tuesday outside the House Intelligence Committee.

The Republican also stated that many Americans are “disgusted” with the partisan effort to unseat a duly elected president that has set aside the nation’s business on important matters.

“It’s all to appease an enraged liberal activist base insisting on resisting, impeaching, opposing and obstructing everything and anything,” Rep. Zeldin said, surrounded by other Republican lawmakers.

He also claimed that just a few select Democrats are holding the country hostage, as they “instill fear on the part of their colleagues in their own conference.”

“If we sound like we’re pissed as we stand here, it’s because we are,” Rep. Zeldin insisted.

“The American people are getting screwed by an enraged liberal activist base that’s demanding impeachment,” Zeldin added. “They don’t even care what the crime was, they don’t care what the facts are. They don’t care what the evidence is.”

The press conference was called by House Republicans as are pushing back hard as House Democrats, led by the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, try to rewrite the rules in their pursuit of President Trump.

Schiff is looking to take “extraordinary steps” to keep Republican lawmakers from learning the identity of the whistle-blower who expressed concerns over the president’s call with Ukraine, Rep. Zeldin ripped the chairman for conducting a “clown show,” calling it a “political charade.”

Citing Kurt Volker’s recent testimony, the former U.S. Special Representative to Ukraine, Zeldin said there was no quid pro quo involved and pointed out that the aid in question was being released.

“This whole thing is a fairy tale!” he said, before admonishing reporters. “Adam Schiff is misleading you and you’re playing along with it. And the American public is getting deceived.”

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