Video Surfaces Of Pelosi Warning Congress Of Impeaching Clinton Over Politics

Nancy Pelosi caved to the left-wing of the Democratic party. Pelosi knows the huge political risks she faces with her new push to impeach President Trump, but she was backed into a corner.

However, President Trump knows the Senate will not convict and he knows this is a political loser for the Dems and the public also knows that because of Pelosi’s own words.

Recently, a video from 1998 surfaced, showing the Clinton impeachment, when Pelosi warned the GOP about playing politics with impeachment.

Here is what Nancy Pelosi said, and how her stand was very different from the one she has now.

“Today the Republican majority is not charging the President with fairness, but impeaching him with vengeance.” Pelosi said.

“An investigation of the President, fundamental principles which Americans hold dear — privacy, fairness, checks and balances — have been seriously violated.”

“And why? We are here — we are here today because the Republicans in the House are paralyzed with hatred of President Clinton,” she continued.

“And until the Republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer.”

“I rise to oppose these unfair motions which call for the removal of the President of United States from office, and in doing so wish to point out some differences between the investigation of the President and the investigation of Newt Gingrich.”

“The first principle in our investigation of Newt Gingrich was that at the moment we found exculpatory information, it would be reported immediately to the accused and be made public,” said Pelosi.

“The independent counsel knew that the President was exonerated with Travelgate, Whitewater and Filegate, and he held that information until the hearing, indeed until after the election.”

“This was not fair. Indeed, it is the responsibility of any prosecutor to immediately release information that is exculpatory.”

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