“I Don’t Think I’ll Fare Well” – Trump’s Niece Says If Her Uncle Wins Re-election, She’s “Going To Try To Get British Passport”

President Trump’s niece Mary Trump suggests she may try to leave the U.S. if her uncle wins re-election, in a new piece for “The Guardian.”

“If he stays in the Oval Office, I’m going to try to get a British passport because I don’t think I’ll fare well,” Mary Trump says

“He’s an extraordinarily vindictive person surrounded by people who are willing to help him be vindictive.”

Mary Trump then continues to warn “in terms of the country, if he wins, it’s over. Democracy is over. The western alliance is over. We’ll be entering an incredibly dark period of autocracy on a global scale.”

Mary Trump also claims in the piece if Trump is able to win somehow it won’t be legitimiate.

She writes “If he wins, it won’t be legitimate. He’s already using the powers of his office to shake people’s confidence in mail-in voting at a time when people want to be voting by mail during the pandemic.”

“He’s telling his followers if Biden wins it will have been rigged, telling them to show up at the polls to make sure there’s no fraud, which is voter intimidation. If you’re a black person in America and a bunch of white guys with automatic weapons are standing outside the polling station you won’t want to vote, which is exactly what Donald wants to happen,” she said.

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