Susan Collins Said She’s Voting Against Judge Barrett Confirmation To Be “Fair & Consistent”

While Judge Amy Coney Barrett is expected to be confirmed, it will be without the vote of Republican Senator Susan Collins.

Collins said in a statement “Prior to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, I stated that, should a vacancy on the Supreme Court arise, the Senate should follow the precedent set four years ago and not vote on a nominee prior to the presidential election.”

“Because this vote is occurring prior to the election, I will vote against the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett,” she continues.

Collins added “to be clear, my vote does not reflect any conclusion that I have reached about Judge Barrett’s qualifications to serve on the Supreme Court.”

Senator Susan Collins’ Senate opponent Sara Gideon wrote:

Susan Collins confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to a lifetime appointment on the 7th Circuit even though she called the ACA unconstitutional & Roe v. Wade “barbaric.”

This vote is a political calculation—she’s rubber-stamped 181 far-right nominees, including Amy Coney Barrett.

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