‘I’m Going To Press Charges:’ Matt Gaetz Drops The Hammer On Liberal Who Assaulted Him

Rep. Matt Gaetz is not backing down. He decided to press charges on the liberal goon who assaulted him.

“I had a circumstance just a few weeks ago where someone threw a drink at me leaving a town hall meeting. I am going to press charges.” Said Gaetz.

“It’s really important to send a message that we as conservatives have a right to our views — just like anybody else. We’re not backing down.” He added.

The Hill reported that Rep. Matt Gaetz stated this week that he plans to press charges against the person who threw a drink at him earlier this month as he was leaving a town hall event.

This Wednesday, Matt Gaetz appeared on “Fox News” and said that he will be pressing charges because he feared similar incidents happening to him or his staff in the future.

“If there are no consequences, then maybe it’s me getting hit with a drink one time, but what if it’s a member of my staff what if instead of a drink it’s acid or urine?” he said.

On Thursday, Rep. Gaetz tweeted that he was pressing charges to “send a message that we as conservatives have a right to our views — just like anybody else.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz was hit with a drink outside a town hall event in Pensacola, earlier this month. Video shows Rep. Gaetz surrounded by protesters when a drink comes flying out of the crowd and appears to hit him in the arm.

A spokesperson for Rep. Gaetz claimed at the time that he would likely press charges. The local police told The Hill that 25-year-old Amanda Kondrat’yev was detained at the scene for allegedly throwing the drink.

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