Marco Rubio Humiliates Democratic Debate Candidates For Not Having Answers In Spanish Or English

Sen. Marco Rubio slams the Democrats — from both the debate stage and Congress — for failing to have real answers for the American people.

On Wednesday, the first round of Democratic presidential primary candidates met on the debate stage to lay out their vision for our country. The candidates included Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar as well as former Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Beto O’Rourke raised some eyebrows when he opted to dive into a Spanish stump speech rather than answer a question about raising taxes.

Marco Rubio appeared in an interview on “Fox & Friends,” and responded to O’Rourke’s confusing Spanish stunt by bashing the Demss as a whole for not having realistic answers to many problems Americans face today.

“The problem is they didn’t have answers to real problems,” Marco Rubio said. “They didn’t have an answer in English. They didn’t have an answer in Spanish.”

He tied it back to the current battle on Capitol Hill over increasing humanitarian aid to the border with Mexico. As previously reported, the Senate put together a clean bill to provide funding to the border that passed through committee with only one vote against it.

The Democrat-controlled House had the opportunity to vote on the same bipartisan bill as the Senate, instead, it drafted its own bill filled with riders that Republicans would never support. President Trump made it clear he would veto the House bill if it somehow survived the Senate.

Marco Rubio called out the Dems for not having realistic answers to the problem at the border during the debate or in Congress.

“You saw this tragic picture a couple days ago of a father and a daughter who drowned. It’s very sad what is happening, it’s terrible, but the solution to their problems is not that dangerous journey. These guys tell you they want to decriminalize crossing the border. They’re fighting us now on providing more money to take care of people that are already here. They don’t want to do anything about laws that are actually luring people here. But they don’t have any answers for how to fix it. They don’t have any answers for how to fix it. They don’t have it in English, they don’t have an answer in Spanish.” He said.

On the Hill, House Democrats have time until Thursday night to draft a bill that can get 60 votes in the Senate before they leave for a summer recess. On the debate stage, 10 more Democrats will have their chance to give real answers in the second round on Thursday night.

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