In One Of The Worst Moments In TV News History, CNN Refuses To Air Trump’s Start Of WH Briefing

In an unbelievable moment in U.S. television and news broadcasting history, CNN has taken the mask off and show how truly petty they are.

The CNN Network didn’t carry the start of the briefing of the President of the United States during a coronavirus pandemic and instead kept Wolf Blitzer on.

President Trump issued new guidelines as we hunker down and wait out the spread of the outbreak.

Trump issued the guidelines and spent a few more minutes commending and praising the true heroes – the front line soldiers who are doctors and nurses and other hospital staff as they wage war against this invisible enemy.

“The bravery is incredible…You people are just incredible,” the President said, but if you were watching CNN you would have missed this important moment because in their hatred if Trump they didn’t air it.

“I just have to take my hat – I would take my hat off if I were wearing a hat,” Trump added about the front line heroes.

“I would rip that hat off so fast and I would say you people are just incredible. They really are, they’re very brave.”

CNN did eventually broadcast Trump’s press briefing live and it is to their everlasting shame they pulled that stunt today.

MSNBC, which appears to be unabashedly liberal, carried President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force in its entirety but CNN, who pretends to be unbiased, did not.

People on social media weren’t happy about the network’s decision, so the blasted them for it.


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