James Woods Warns The Public: “This Is Our Last Stand, Folks, If They Take Him Down, America Is Gone Forever”

Wednesday, in a heartfelt tweet that he pinned to the top of his Twitter profile, actor James Woods wrote: “This is our last stand, folks. And here’s your last defender.”

“If they take him down, America is gone forever. Vote for @realDonaldTrump like your life depends on it,” Woods wrote.

Later that day, James Woods fired back at NeverTrumper Bill Kristol.

Kristol wrote: “Just an innocent thought: We’ve seen Biden in office for over four decades, and we’ve seen Trump nonstop for the last four years.”

“We’ve seen enough to make up our minds about them. So let’s skip the presidential debates but have three vice-presidential debates.”

Woods fired back: “You’re terrified he’s going to have to stand on his feet and answer questions without a teleprompter.”

“#BasementJoe” is going to dodge the press for an entire election cycle. Astonishing.”

Woods also directly responded to Joe Biden’s claim that Kamala Harris is “ready to lead on day one.”

Woods replied “Right. She’d take over and you’d head back to the basement. Her own party dismissed her as a presidential candidate after she ridiculed you in front of the world.”

“But this is irrelevant, because on November 4 you’ll both be footnotes to history and dust in the wind. #Trump2020”

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