Jerry Nadler Claims The End Of The World Is Coming

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler spoke to the climate strike protesters and claimed that, it’s the end of the world.

On Friday, there was a protest in front of the United States Capitol, where hundreds of people gathered to share their concerns with climate change. Nadler was one of the speakers, who said the world will soon end. You do not want to miss this video.

“I have a 13-year-old grand daughter, and when i’m looking at her, i’m terrified,” said Jerry Nadler.

“Because i don’t know if human life would survive 50 years,” Nadler added.

The Daily Caller reported that Nadler also trashed President Trump, that he was ignoring the scientist: “Donald Trump says that he knows better than all the scientists.”

“His gut tells him better” than the scientitsts, Nadler added.

Nadler continued to question if President “Trump is willing to gamble all life on earth on his gut instinct,” before calling for a new President in the White House.

Chairman Jerry Nadler also claimed that the situation is much worse than a world war and asked for mobilization.

After Nadlers bogus speech, the crowd started chanting: “Impeach Trump,” which concluded the obvious, that this was nothing more than a politically motivated process.

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